Your brakes are arguably the single most critical system to maintain in peak working order.

Typically, they’re also the most complex. Many service centers specialize almost exclusively in diagnosing, repairing and maintaining a vehicle’s brake systems, due to the specially designed, unique tools involved.

At Quixl Auto Repairs, it’s just one more of the numerous repair and maintenance services we perform with expert care and knowledge.

We’re equipped to diagnose and address both preventative and repair issues that could plague any available brake system, including drum, disc and electronic anti-lock brakes. Our mechanics can not only tend to every component from your brakes’ pads to their pedal, but can do so through our hallmark efficient system diagnostics.

Nothing is more important when driving a car than being able to stop it exactly the moment and place you need it, from pulling into a parking place to halting for a child or dog that’s run unsuspecting into your path. Your safety will never be in better hands.