Service Warranty Options

Caring about you as we care about our own

Every turn of the wrench on your car comes with the conscientious workmanship we would pour into our own automobiles.
Every car that exits our bays after either repair or maintenance leaves with a no-questions-asked guarantee affixed to our work. Our maintenance procedures will return your car to you renewed and protected against the road’s full arsenal of wear and tear. Our repairs will return it as close as possible to its most pristine, safe working order and performance standards.
If any procedure we perform fails these standards, we will make it right completely free-of-charge.
You won’t pay us a cent until you’re as satisfied as we are that our service has given you your money’s worth.

Repair Services

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    Schedule service
    Expect priority attention to your vehicle the second you check in your keys. For the most efficient attention from our Quixl Auto Repair technicians and associates, we recommend calling ahead to discuss your car’s health and make an appointment. Once you’ve called ahead, our associates...
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    Preventive maintenance
    Your Quixl technicians’ preemptive tender, loving care reduces the time you’ll spend in our garage. You might not recognize a burgeoning ailment in your car’s systems or motor in its earliest stages. A Quixl Auto Repair technician can. It’s just what we do. In...
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Springs & Suspension

We are here to help
Had a car breakdown, we would love to help. We may even lend you a vehicle for you to go around at the time of repair.
Repair with care
At Quixl Auto Repairs we are here to help you at all season and no matter what the reason. Collision or Accidents do happen. We will care for your vehicle as if it was our own.
Time to buy a car?
We help you to find you a used certified vehicle. We have in stock over 50 vehicles. So come by and test drive your dream car. Let us help you finance.

What is the Difference Between Maintenance and Repair

The difference? Our advice: make the former a priority to avoid the latter longer.
To a certain extent, every automobile is on an unstoppable ticking clock toward necessary repair. The clock cannot be stopped, but maintenance slows it. Maintenance cares after certain drivability conditions that, when they begin to deteriorate, lead to core parts and systems’ breakdowns.

In turn, “repairs” are the procedures, fixes and part replacements that in the worst cases take your car entirely out of commission when something is no longer in any working order. The bigger difference being, they’re often avoidable and considerably more expensive than regular maintenance work that often costs less than $100 per visit.