You’re driving along when a dashboard warning light illuminates, then shuts off several miles later, seemingly motivated by nothing.

Your vehicle makes a peculiar noise during very specific actions, but it seemingly doesn’t affect your car’s performance.

Cars have never been more complex than they are today. That the warning light shut off by itself or the funny little squeak isn’t accompanied by something on your car actually failing doesn’t mean that all is necessarily well. The light’s illumination might be due to something as simple as a loose gas cap, something as deceptive as a faulty sensor (which could lead to your car failing to alert you to a major problem later) or something else completely benign.

Your safety is the worst possible thing to gamble, though. A Quixl Auto Repairs technician can run any number of brief but conclusive tests examining your car’s alternator, batter, starter, engine or A/C, to name just a few potentially troublesome areas. In the end, our mechanics can determine from a process of examination and elimination what may be triggering your automobile’s alerts.

With more complex systems, comes a more intricate diagnostic process to address potentially more complex, deceptive problems. Give your gut a holiday from the equation, and let a Quixl technician serve your peace of mind.