A car, truck or SUV’s electrical malfunctions can be among the most vexing.

Could it be the battery? Is it the wiring? An ignition issue, perhaps?

Many mechanics are left to address the “gremlins” in the most time-consuming possible way: trial-and-error testing. As a result, there’s sometimes no given timeline for when a repair can be finished, and the resulting work ratchets labor costs through the roof.

Quixl Auto Repairs technicians take no such chances. From the moment we set to work on your automobile, our sophisticated diagnostic computer systems detect anomalies among its systems. Those bullet points lead our technicians to the most probable places to start addressing malfunctions, nipping the problems right at their sources.

Your vehicle’s electrical systems operate many functions that let you drive safely at all times, from engine sensors to headlights. Trust them only to expertise, solid information and efficiency.