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Expect priority attention to your vehicle the second you check in your keys.For the most efficient attention from our Quixl Auto Repair technicians and associates, we recommend calling ahead to discuss your car’s health and make an appointment.
Once you’ve called ahead, our associates will treat you will all of the friendly respect that any automotive service center would afford a repeat customer. We’ll go over the reason for your appointment on the spot, whether you need a simple oil change or want an experienced expert to diagnose a peculiar rattle under your hood. From there, your vehicle receives top-priority care from the time you check in your keys to the moment our team explains to you in clear, understandable language how our work will address your needs and keep your car running stronger for longer.

The steps you take right now, when your automobile gives all indications of perfect working order, will ultimately keep your car on the road in that prime condition longer and longer. At least a few times annually, make a point of scheduling a visit with a Quixl Auto Repairs technician to give your car a complete checkup. It’s an ideal opportunity not just for a timely oil change, tire rotation or alignment check, but to possibly catch a budding maintenance issue before it becomes a fully developed, catastrophic one demanding more extensive, expensive repairs.
•    Tune-ups
•    Oil Changes
•    Tire/Wheel Balancing
•    Alignments
•    Fluid Refills
•    Fleet Maintenance

Founded at 35 Railroad St. in Brampton, Ontario, Quixl Auto Repair has developed a comprehensive understanding of all major automotive systems several years serving the Greater Toronto Area.  Though we perform a wide array of necessary automotive repair and maintenance services, our technicians possess the know-how to delivery on every need thoroughly and with workmanship we stand proudly behind.