Your vehicle’s steering must be responsive as the blink of an eye. Your suspension must have the balance of a tightrope-walker’s big toe.

These two systems work in perpetual partnership and depend upon each being instantly responsive to the driver’s actions. While there’s no room for even a microsecond’s delay in response at the moment you turn the wheel, your suspension maintains your wheels’ constant contact with the road and must accommodate every bump, pothole, imperfection and random object with the most reactive real-time adaptation.

If you happen to notice your vehicle’s steering pulling or bouncing, you may be experiencing an alignment issue that could be having a domino effect on your shocks or struts, tire wear, wheels and steering system. Should we find uneven tire wear during a routine checkup or inspection, our mechanics can take a precautionary look at both systems to determine whether the awkward wear is caused by  more significant steering or suspension problems.

A smooth ride is a wonderful thing. A safe ride is the best possible thing.