Periodic, consistent tune-ups count among the simplest, least expensive procedures that can significantly extend your vehicle’s working life.

At the very least, schedule an annual tune-up appointment with a Quixl Auto Repairs technician. Should your unique needs put your car through unusually high mileage, consider more regular checkups. Our expert mechanics will diligently and thoroughly examine your vehicle’s fuel-combustion system and every supporting one that contributes to it. These regular surveys not only help maintain your vehicle’s optimum gas mileage and performance, but ensure that its operations remains friendly to the environment.

If your gas mileage has trailed off by 10% or more or a drivability issue is giving you a gut feeling that something’s amiss underneath your hood, schedule an immediate appointment. However, that’s not to say that a regular tune-up isn’t a key step in conscientious preventative maintenance throughout your car’s life.