A simple wheel alignment could be the simplest, least expensive way to guarantee the ongoing health of your tires, wheels, suspension and steering system.

An “wheel alignment” refers to the process of keeping several components of your vehicle in the strategic places where they were design to rest. Those components can bounce out of alignment all too easily if your car, truck or SUV strikes a large enough object sticking up from the driving surface or a substantial enough pothole.

When wheel components come out of alignment, the resulting positions result in uneven tire wear. That uneven tire wear can then have an impact upon wheel wear, the wearing-down of the brake pads (then consequently, potentially the brake calipers) and the shock absorbers or struts of the suspension system.

It’s all preventable, of course. An alignment by a Quixl Auto Repairs technician could take less than a few hours and cost less than $100. It’s the definition of a “small price to pay” to avert any number of drivability and handling issues.